I like asking people what their superpower would be if they could have one. I don’t know why, but it shows what they value.

Here’s the Ten Superpowers I wish I could have
(in no particular order, except number one is number one haha)

1. Mind Control
This is my number one. I won’t need to lift a finger. Ever. I’ll be so fat. :-p

2. Absorb Powers
Ha ha. I know what you’re thinking. I’m gahaman. And this is like the wish for more wishes thing. :-p

3. Teleportation
I don’t need to wake up early to avoid traffic. Gas prices, smoke-belching vehicles, time won’t be a concern for me.

4. Self-Healing
I wouldn’t need to worry about health cards and my coverage. :-p I don’t want the ability to heal others because then my family and I wouldn’t have any peace. But I’d want to grow old and die with Mark.

5. Invisibility
For whenever I don’t feel like talking to people, I can easily disappear.

6. Make Everyone Stop
Like if they’re talking excessively and you’re becoming dizzy from nodding too much, I’d like to do that. I’m not really into one on one stuff, I get spooked from looking at people’s eyes too much.

7. I still have to think about it my 7 to 10 đŸ˜€


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