Series/Trilogy (Books)

Here’s my Top Ten
(no particular order)

1. Harry Potter Series
– I remember placing advance orders at National Bookstore and waiting for my siblings to finish reading so I can finally take my turn. I remember collecting the UK version of the books and then I finally bought a boxed set (US version) when I started working. I chose our loft because it has a cupboard under the stairs. I collected Gryffindor memorabilia. But I am drawing the line on the new hipster (I can’t keep up, they’ve always done it before its been done) glasses they call Harry-Potter specs.

My favorite is book 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban, my favorite character is Sirius Black, and my favorite quote is “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” 🙂 I love me my Padfoot. I cried when he died and I kept waiting for him to come back on the next books.

2. The Lord of the Rings
– I read the first book (The Fellowship of the Ring)just a few months before I saw the movie, this was never part of my required reading in school and I didn’t know about this before the movie. And then I remember borrowing the next two books at the UP library- they weren’t even the actual books. Someone photocopied the book and had it bound. I shamefully scanned the parts with the songs.

My favorite is book 1 and my favorite character is Legolas Greenleaf for reasons too shallow to admit.

3. The Hunger Games
– Please don’t compare this to Twilight because I will weep. This doesn’t focus on a love triangle, instead it reminds me of Battle Royale and The Running Man. Katniss doesn’t need anyone to rescue her.

My favorite is book 1 and my favorite character is the boy with the bread, Peeta.

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
-Before the movie came out, these books only came in hardbound copies. I had to save so I can continue reading what happened to Bee, Lena, Tibby and Carmen. We tried to find a pair of pants that would fit us all- Yella, Bags and I, but we can never find anything, so we settled on a charm bracelet we’d pass around to give us luck. That charm bracelet gave me luck and heartbreak. Go figure.

My favorite book is the first one and my favorite character is Lena.

5a. Elizabeth
– No, not the queen. As in Elizabeth Wakefield. If you are a Sweet Valley fan, you’d know that at some point during the Sweet Valley University series, Elizabeth caught her twin sister, Jessica and Sam, her boyfriend, making out. She upped and left and the series continued as Elizabeth. She went to London to find out her scholarship has been revoked and she found herself working for one of the royal households there. This is a 6-book series ending with her falling in love with the Duke’s son, Max and getting married. So I’m a bit confused when Sweet Valley Confidential came out, because it seems like the Elizabeth arc just faded into the recesses of our imagination.

I can’t remember much of the characters and which book is which so I’ll have to get the books and re-read the whole thing sometime.

5b. Sweet Valley everything
– what else is there to say? My sisters had all the books. I devoured them.

6. Discworld series
– Have you heard of a world as a flat disc which is balanced on the back of four elephants? I think there are already less than 40 books in this series. I discovered this when I was a kid browsing at National Bookstore. My sister offered to buy me a book and I ended up choosing Wyrd Sisters because the cover was loud and the spelling was wrong. That started my Discworld curiosity.

7. Shopaholic series
– I love Becky Bloomwood. I adore her style, her faulty logic and her warmth and generosity. I cringe along with her whenever she finds herself in a financial mess, I know how she feels about malls and shopping and tags and new clothes. I felt happy for her when Luke proposed marriage and relieved when they were finally finished with work concerns and could finally focus on Minnie. I hope there’d be more books to this series.

PS- in the movie, Isla Fisher as Becky- YES. Hugh Dancy as Luke- NO.

8. Gossip Girl
– I’m going to go all hipster on this one and say that the books went a different way than the series did. For one, Chuck Bass turned out gay, Nate’s just a rich pothead, and Jenny (remember her?) got a spin-off.

I like the show better because I think Leightoon Meester’s definitely prettier than the Blair I had in mind. But Blake Lively makes you hate Serena even more.

9. Anne of Green Gables
– Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe forevarrr!

10. Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
– Ah. The origin of the number system. The Sex God. I find Georgia and her way of describing things and faces really funny. She makes the silliest decisions and draws far-fetched conclusions, I sometimes have to stop reading because I feel bad for her. But I always feel the need to push through to the end of every book.

Books that didn’t make it but I still liked:
Nancy Drew
A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Princess Diaries
Choose Your Own Adventure (but this isn’t a series, more like books with different themes)
Stargirl (2 books)
Breathing series (not yet finished)
The Uglies
Prophecy of the Sisters (not yet finished)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Lorien Legacies
Jessica Darling
Bridget Jones’s Diary (2 books)


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