Scary Movies

We LOVE watching scary movies! Be it ghost movies or thrillers or serial killers- we love ’em all!

Warning: this contains spoilers.

Here’s my Top Ten Scary Movies
(in no particular order)-

1. Shutter (Thai/Original Version)
– As much as I adore Pacey, he’s not as scary as his Asian counterpart.

Favorite scene: when Tun realizes that Natre has been squatting on his shoulders all along *insert malutong na curse here*

2. The Silence of the Lambs
– Aughh. I hate Hannibal! I love him!

3. The Others
– It wasn’t really scary all throughout, more confusing. But the twist is what made me like it. Maybe I even wonder from time to time if I’m the one on the other side.

4. Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara
– Laugh. Haha, but the first time I saw this was when I was a kid. It was October 31st and the electricity was out. It really freaked me out.

5. Carrie
– Wouldn’t it be nice to be like her?

6. The Shining
– I had problems sleeping after reading this one and then watching it.

7. The Omen
– I was almost 06/06/76. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad (06/07/86)

8. The Amityville Horror

– Not the Ryan Reynolds version.

9. Pycho
– Not the Anne Heche version.

10. The Exorcist
– So, was the film cursed?


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