My Top Ten favorite Kainans (so far), in no particular order-

1. Mom & Tina’s Bakery and Cafe
– I like the place and the food. Its cozy and the styling is a lot like my mom’s. They have a bit of everything- from pies to cakes, steaks, pasta, fish, salad and sandwiches.

Favorite/s: Fish and Chips, Lamb Chops, Shepherd’s Pie

2. Chocolate Kiss Cafe
– I probably spent more hours at ChocKiss than inside the CAL building. I remember days when we’d have to take a cab from Bahay ng Alumni to AS because we were already late for class. During my sophomore and junior years, you’d either find me here or at Starbuck’s Katipunan.

Favorite/s: Kalbi Chim, FTW! Beef Stroganoff, Hickory Smoked Spareribs, Devil’s Food Cake, Kahlua Cake, and their Iced Tea

3. Mister Kabab
– I was content with Ababu or Prince of Persia before Mark came into my life (HAHA) but then he introduced Mister Kabab to me. Well, I’d eaten there 2 or 3 times before, but I seem to have forgotten the experience. Anyway, he HAS to eat at Mister Kabab. He’s been this huge MK fan since high school or something. Over time, that place has grown on me as well.

Favorite/s: Double ground special Chelo Kabab, Yogurt shake

4. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
– I love shrimp! When you come to think of it, they look like cockroach of the sea. But I try not to think about that. Anyway, my first Bubba G’s experience was with kuya and I’ve always associated that place with happy memories of us talking about work like finally I’m this mature lady rather than his little sister that needs hatid/sundo, free food and watching over.

Favorite/s: Bubba’s After the Storm “Bucket of Boat Trash”, “I’m Stuffed” Shrimp

5. Luk Yuen
– Mark and I love Luk Yuen because it means we’re either at Greenhills or at Megamall doing some serious shopping. Other than that, its cheap and yummy and we love Chinese food.

Favorite/s: R5, please. 🙂

6. Barcino
– Haha. Okay, because of Yella. And also we have finally FINALLY learned to love wine after tasting all sorts of grape mush. :-p and Barcino’s food is super yummy.

Favorite/s: Potato Bomb, Paella Negra, Seafood Paella, that yummy Salmon and Crabsticks thing that I was surprised to find out had mayo but kept on eating and ordering anyway (the menu’s in Spanish, OKAY)

7. Tomato Kick
– More often we end up ordering dinner twice and getting plenty of appetizers because their food is delicious and really sulit. The menu started out with basang papel, which has since been replaced with a laminated one with pictures- but the food has been great since the beginning.

Favorite/s: Marinara, Cheesy Bacon Potato Wedges, Crispy Bacon Liempo

8. Bagnet 8065
– I would be willing to brave the streets of Makati (small-town girl like me, sorry) just to eat at Bagnet then go home. Our couturier held his shop at Walmart in Chino Roces, so we had plenty of opportunity to go to Bagnet after fittings. Super solb.

Favorite/s: Binagoongang Bagnet, Bagnet with Spicy Gata, Bagnet Sisig, LAHAT ng bagnet!

9. H.I.D. Burgers
– This little gem of a place in Cainta (YES, CAINTA! Just outside our village’s gate 2) houses one of the best tasting burgers and fries I’ve known. Fat, juicy and totally worth getting out of bed for. :-p

Favorite/s: Bacon Melt, Sicilian

10. Kamicos Snack Bar
– Greenhills is not Greenhills without Kamico’s. I’ve probably eating tons of their tacos my entire life. Sure, their shells and the serving keeps on shrinking and the price won’t stop going up (dati 20 pesos lang eh) but I can’t help it. Super sarap.

Favorite/s: Beef Taco, Spicy Beef Taco, Lasagna

Other places we like:

Happy Tummy
TGI Fridays
San Jacinto Panciteria
Penang Hill
David’s Tea House


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