Dream Jobs

My Top 10 Dream Jobs
(in no particular order)

1. Writer of Children’s Literature
– Yes, like Dr. Seuss. I think I can relate better with children (from afar, of course) than with adults. Most of the time, I don’t even know what grown-ups are talking about. I usually have this humming in my head “lalalalala…” even during serious conversations with my friends or even with Mark.

2. Librarian
– The kind that doesn’t talk to people and spends all her days buried in books.

3. Zoo/Oceanarium Employee
– I think I relate better with animals than children. Preferrably a place with a Panda or a Manatee. It would be asking for too much if I say “a Unicorn, too.”

4. Ice Cream/Cake/Cookie/Candy/Beer taster
– Someone has to be doing that job, right?

5. Caretaker of an exclusive island resort
– It has to be very expensive and secluded so that not a lot of people will have access to it. And they have to be willing to relocate my husband along with me, I’m sure he’d have no complaints.

6. Secret Shopper
– I’ve read somewhere that there are people who are employed to shop and basically report about their overall experience with that mall. I could do this. All day. Everyday.

7. Food Critic
– Everyone would get great reviews from me as long as no one serves me anything with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or vinegar. I chose this over Movie Critic because, well, movies won’t literally feed me.

8. Anything that would involve printing books
– The smell, I tell you! The smell! Plus I get to sneak a few peeks here and there!

9. Teddy Bear Doctor
– There is such a thing! I will save lives of teddies everywhere. Teddies are good listeners and they give you warm hugs. People… not really.

10. Housewife.
– Yes, that’s right. I want to stay at home, cook meals, clean the house, maybe focus on selling stuff online, take care of the groceries and schedule bill payments, take care of our kid, etc. While the people I know aim for new cars, big-time corporate jobs, shiny gadgets, world travel, a lovely marriage with beautiful kids and other measures of success, I’ve always just wanted to be a housewife.

I have a good job, I’m married to an awesome man, our car, Pepe, is as reliable as ever, we are blessed enough to be able to travel and buy the things we want and when the time comes, we’ll add a little human to our family of dogs. But when I am finally able to be a housewife, and be good at it, then I’d consider myself successful.


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