Mark and I used to talk about this. If you get stuck on an island and you’re allowed to bring 10 music albums with you, which ones would you choose?

Here are my Top Ten Music Albums to Bring to a Deserted Island
(in no particular order)

1. Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane
– Its high school transitioning to college, bittersweet memories come to mind whenever I listen to this album. Bah.

Favorite: (track #4) She Will Be Loved

2. Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape
– from afternoons spent sprawled on corridors floors just because we’re seniors and have nothing better to do, to hot days spent in Katipunan traffic.

Favorite: (track #11) Everlong

3. Oasis – Heathen Chemistry
– Good for rainy days.

Favorite: (track #4) Stop Crying Your Heart Out

4. Death Cab for Cutie – Plans
– Because Ben Gibbard makes me feel all sorts of feelings.

Favorite(s): (tracks #1 and 8) Marching Bands of Manhattan and Crooked Teeth.

5. No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom
– When I grow up, I want to be Gwen Stefani. I am not yet Gwen Stefani so I guess I haven’t grown up yet.

Favorite: (track #3) Just a Girl

6. The OC Mix
– Okay, so this is kind of cheating. There are 6 The OC Mixes. But I don’t care, I could form one OC Mix out of all the songs I like, even those that aren’t included in the mixes.

Favorite: (from The OC Mix 2) Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals

7. The Postal Service – Give Up
– Again, Ben Gibbard.

Favorite: (track #9) Brand New Colony

8. Juno Sountrack
– Mostly because of Kimya Dawson. But mainly because I think of Michael Cera’s face when I listen to the songs. Which doesn’t really make much sense.

Favorite: (track #17) Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

9. Eraserheads – Cutterpillow
– Self explanatory

Favorite: (track #4) Fine Time

10. Weezer – Pinkerton
– There was a time when I thought Rivers Cuomo was wise beyond his years… Or maybe just the year 1994. Now I kind of just wonder if everyone else has moved on except him.

Favorite: (track #7) El Scorcho

Albums that almost made it:

DCFC – Codes and Keys
DCFC – Transatlanticism
Super Furry Animals
Foster the People
Foo Fighters – One by One
Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
Oasis – Be Here Now
Imogen Heap
Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs
Belle and Sebastian


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