I am forever online and if you’re curious how I can spend hours and hours on counter-productive methods- here are a few of my favorite websites:


Cracked is a good site to go to when you’re the kind of person who’s fond of useless trivia. Like me. 😀 I can spend hours on this website.


Buzzfeed is sort of like a roundup of almost everything that’s going on around the globe. They also have lists. I love lists.

Listverse is also like Cracked, without the dry humor and less photos.

Perez Hilton

Celbrity gossip! Ooooh-la-la.


My source for Korean drama recaps. I have lost the patience of watching K/J/T-Dramas a long time ago. Most of it has to do with all the long pauses and the typical circular happenings. So I have decided I like reading dramas more than I like watching them.

Koala’s Playground

Same with Dramabeans, only with more T-dramz.

Epub Bud

I spend probably 60% of my free time reading books. And this is where I get most of my stuff.

Mobile 9

More books here 🙂

Huffington Post

Less quirk compared to Buzzfeed and more news.


When I’m bored out of my wits, I go to this site. Its full of crap that’s really funny.

Good Reads

Book recommendations and summaries all in one. I love this website!

Oh Happy Day!

Site for DIYs and cute things.

I’ll think of more 😀


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