Bake it ’til you make it

I got a muffin pan at the back of my cupboard and two boys who love bread and sweets. I thought, hey, maybe I can bake. I Googled ‘simple vanilla cupcake’ and followed the first link I saw. Flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, mix ’em and then pop inside the oven – pretty straightforward, […]

I’m aliiiiiiive!

It isn’t like anyone is calling the cops or anything. I can cite the following reasons for my absence: a. busy raising a baby (now a toddler) b. swamped with work c. I am just a very lazy person and you can decide which one to believe in. But I choose all of the above. […]

we got ourselves a mini-Mark!

Perinatologist 1: Is that a hamburger I see? Perinatologist 2: I’m not sure, (to me) your baby is conservative! Perinatologist 1: As how a little princess should be! Perinatologist 2: For now, we can say that your baby is a girl, but we’ll check again later. She’s very shy. (After an hour of quiet scanning, […]

Blame it on the hormones

Warning: this isn’t a cute post. It’s a post that contains things that annoy me – random little every day things that I keep noticing because I have nothing to do at home except get bigger and take care of our sweet doggies. So stop reading here now. If you still want to read, please […]

How’s your tummy, Mommy?

18 weeks! I love being pregnant. My husband is obviously also enjoying my pregnancy – he has even shared the good news with the owners of the store where we get our dog food from! Haha – and my growing belly is the first thing he greets when he comes home and the last thing […]

The Essays.PH Experience

Experiencing When I was still in school, I used to write short stories, poems, articles and basically, random thoughts that come to mind. I’ve had volumes of written journals since I was a kid and have maintained a blog since 2002. It doesn’t make me a good writer, far from it. It just means […]

The Dog Days

I am babysitting as I write this. I’m a yaya by day and an online trabahador by night. It feels like summer vacation. An extra hot summer vacation. Mark drops me off at my parents’ home every morning (like daycare for the pregnant) and I spend the day either in bed or with the boys […]

M + K + 1!

I remember getting cramps two Fridays ago and thinking, oh my period is coming. When the cramps continued on the following week I was supposed to get my period, I wore a pad on the way to work, but I got nothing. My right breast felt so sore so I really expected a period. After […]