Bucket List

When we were barely on our first year, Mark and I knew that what we have was going to have to work or we’ll die (kill each other?) trying. Plans were forged, puppies adopted, tattoos inked and accounts joined like it was the most natural thing to do. The rest as you know, is happening as I write.

We have a lot of dreams, some barely realistic but most are fairly simple. Since 2009, we have an ongoing list of things we’d like to do, places we want to go to, people we want to meet, food we’d like to try, etc. before we… well, kick the bucket.

I thought we’d share some of these with you. I won’t include the ones we already crossed off the list (share the same last name/see a panda/go out of the country together/wake up together and verify the morning breath theory…)

Mark and Krissy’s Bucket List

1. Build our own house.
2. Get more ink.
3. Experience snow.
4. Watch PBA live.
5. Watch NBA live.
6. Watch the Olympics live.
7. Watch a football match live. No, not one with the Azkals.
8. Go to Cambodia together.
9. Have a child together (of course)
10. Me to become a housewife
11. Watch the Foo Fighters live.
12. See Death Cab live (we missed them!!!)
13. Explore the Philippine beaches.
14. See a manatee
15. Go to Japan.
16. Ride an elephant
17. Fill our fridge door with magnets from places we’ve been to.
18. Meet Dirk Nowitzki (him)
19. Ride a hot air balloon (me, he’s afraid of heights)
20. Visit the Great Wall of China.
21. Go to Russia (me)
22. See our grandkid/s

Last: Die together.


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