The Weekend that Wuss

We’ve been trying to de-clutter since the start of the year as our house is starting to look like a jungle. Its been a slow process since we have so many things – I realize I may be a hoarder. Anyway, last Monday, I called the Caritas number to schedule a pick-up. They confirmed Friday afternoon that they will pick up the items on a Sunday, any time from 9am to 3pm.

Basically, they have this program called Segunda Mana  – you can donate the things that you no longer use. They accept clothes, toys, furniture, non-moving stock, appliances that need repair, anything that could still be of some use to others. They have stores in some malls wherein they sell the items that you donated and the proceeds go to those in need. Or they also give away the stuff you give to flood/fire victims or anyone in need who approaches them. You can find out more about them by clicking on this link – Segunda Mana

In our case, we gave mostly Enzo’s clothes and toys that he’s no longer using, unopened boxes of diapers, some of my clothes, shoes, small appliances and electric fans and some chairs. Two men came at around 11AM in that truck and they brought sacks. They were very efficient and they packed away everything in less than 20 minutes.

Afterwards, they asked me to sign a log sheet and they issued a receipt. I think we gave about 10 bags and we’re thinking of scheduling another pick up as I still have to clean out the other room with my stuff.

I’m very happy that there’s now an easier way to donate items. I hope our small donation will somehow help those who need it more.





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