Humpty Dumpty

So this is my first post this year, well, after a looooong time. I don’t even want to start with my excuses because there’s no excuse. I’ll just act as if the writing gap (is that what its called?) did not exist.

Enzo’s been pretty consistent in using the potty to pee, but he refuses to use it to poop just yet. He thinks it’ll come out squished, just like it does on his diaper. So last night, while eating dinner, he jumped out of his chair and asked me if he has a diaper on. I told him no and he said he had to poop. Mark immediately got the potty and asked him to sit. At first. he didn’t want to because it was “yucky” but I guess the need to poop overcame the disgust as he sat down and immediately got it out. “My poop looks like a looong banana!!!” Anywaaaaaay, I promised him a dinosaur egg when he uses the potty to poop and I had to fulfill my end of the deal.



So we put the huge egg in water and I told him to let it soak until tomorrow so the egg would hatch. I already know this – a 3 year old does not have much patience. At first he was just talking to it and poking it, even when Mark told him that if the egg breaks, he’d throw it away. So it did and Enzo cried/yelled as loud as he could and I had to take him inside the room while Mark threw the egg away.

Once inside, Enzo was still wailing about the egg. I expected him to want a new one and he did ask, but just once. What he kept repeating was, “Ï’m so sorry I broke the egg. I will not do it again.” and I had to explain to him how this is a lesson for him. I asked him what he learned from it and he told me that he should follow instructions and not force someone to do what they don’t want (like the egg hatching) I told him its a lesson on obedience and patience and he should always remember this. He said, “like humpty dumpty? No one can put him back together.” and i said yes. He said, “I’m so sorry Mommy (with hiccups) Please say you still love me!” I almost laughed and cried. Mark and I make it a point to tell him that no matter how many times he commits mistakes or how many times we correct his errors, we will always love him.

After changing into jammies and letting him watch an episode of Ben and Holly on his iPad, we prayed and he thanked Jesus for his egg and promised not to break it “when mommy decides I can get a new one” (mahusay magparinig)

When Enzo woke up this morning, Mark told me that after peeing, he immediately apologized to his dad. Mark asked him if he understood what happened, and Enzo proceeded to explain why.

There are days (probably 90% of the time) that I feel like we’re still winging it, like shouldn’t we know by now how to be proper parents? Its heartbreaking every time E cries out like that or when he doesn’t get what he wants, and it makes me ask myself if we are doing things right. But most of the time he comes through for us, validating the reasons why we did what we had to do. I won’t need to remind myself that we’re teaching him valuable lessons here, because they’re slowly becoming apparent in his actions. And then I feel light and carefree, like I’m doing things right (10% of the time, heh)


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