we got ourselves a mini-Mark!

cutie pie

cutie pie

Perinatologist 1: Is that a hamburger I see?
Perinatologist 2: I’m not sure, (to me) your baby is conservative!
Perinatologist 1: As how a little princess should be!
Perinatologist 2: For now, we can say that your baby is a girl, but we’ll check again later. She’s very shy.

(After an hour of quiet scanning, measuring and inspecting all parts, organs and bones)

Perinatologist 1: Let’s go back to finding out the gender.
Perinatologist 2: Can you move to your side?
Perinatologist 1: Waiiiit. That’s a turtle! Definitely a turtle. (Turns the monitor towards me) Now I can definitely say that you are having a little prince. This time I’m very sure. Congratulations!!! Look he’s waving his fists!
Me: *tears* Hello baby boy!
Mark: *knees weak* Hello! Hello! APIR!
Perinatologist 1: Everything’s normal and complete. The size is right for the age of the baby. Look at that – beautiful little prince. Congratulations!

– And that was how the (current) happiest day of our life went. 🙂

Oh my dearest boy. Your papa and I (and your Lolas and Lolos and Aunts and Uncles and Lola and Lolo sa tuhod and your mommy and papa’s friends) are already head over heels in love with you. We are so excited to meet you. Continue growing in here, stay safe in mommy’s tummy until the right time comes for you to meet the world. Your papa and I will do everything we can to make sure you stay safe, healthy and happy.


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