She Turned Her Can’ts Into Cans


Things I Cannot Do Anymore:

1. Get out of bed easily without help.

2. Tie my shoelaces.

3. Touch my toes. Or paint my toenails. Or clip them.

4. Lie on my tummy.

5. Pick up an object I dropped.

6. Look for clothes placed on the bottom of my closet.

7. Give Juno and Frodo a bath.

8. Or keep up with them when we walk… So we’re not doing the walks for now. 😦

9. Climb a flight of stairs without panting.

10. Wear my old flats. I am now a size 8.

11. Stay up any later than 11 PM.

12. Fit into my old underwear. (Bra: YES! 🙂 Panties: NO! :-/)

13. Stop myself from peeing twenty or so times a day.

Things I Can Now Do:

1. Snore.

2. Pee a little bit when I sneeze. Or cough.

3. Drink 10 glasses of water a day.

4. Eat two cups of rice and be hungry afterwards.

5. Pop buttons on my clothes. No effort necessary

6. Spend a loooong time in the comfort room trying to poop.

7. Scratch my belly at the most inappropriate times.

8. Wear Fitflops to work.

9. Wear maxi dresses to work.

10. Yawn a gazillion times a day.

11. Demand food when I want it.

12. Burp at will. Burp all the time.

13. Sweat a lot.

Things My Belly/The Baby Does:


2. Move on its own. I have videos of my bopping belly.

3. Kick Mark. Move every time Mark speaks. Move every time Mark touches the belly. Move when Mark says, “Hello!” I feel like poking my belly and saying, FAVORITISM!!! I AM YOUR HOST! LOVE ME MORE!!! SAY MOMMY! MOOOOO-MMYYYYYY! but that would be totally immature. Right?

We’ll be transferring to a different place before the month ends, we’re moving to a house. So our furry boys can have a yard to play in and the fish can have a sunny porch and Pepe’s garage will now have a roof and of course, this means more room for the baby. This also means packing and unpacking again. Transferring things. Fixing stuff. I am tired just by thinking of it. But I am also excited because this means we’re morphing from a married couple to an actual family. Sometimes I still feel like Mark and I are playing house. :-p

This weekend, I’ll have my Congenital Anomaly Scan and we’ll also find out the gender of our baby. Mark and I are very excited. I called The Medical City to schedule my appointment and the kind lady informed me that they only reserve two slots per OB-Sonologist and said it would take an hour or so because they’ll be checking all the parts of our baby and counting everything. I am a bit spooked but super excited. She said it would cost P3.300.00 so I gave her my details and sealed the appointment. I didn’t expect it, but this definitely made me happier – my health card can cover everything – my CAS/ultrasound, my lab tests, some vaccines and consultation. YAY! I also found out today that my maternity might be covered as well (at least that’s what the personnel from the HoR office said. But I still have to make sure, so I’ll ask the health card contact person on Saturday. If not, that’s okay since health cards don’t usually cover maternity. I didn’t even think of asking, but a colleague of mine suggested I check and I’m so thankful she did. 🙂

Work is going well. I’m still learning the ropes and trying to adjust to the responsibility of managing a staff that consists of 20 or so people and the fact that everything has to go through me and I have all these kinds of things to take care of. But everyone has been really helpful and they welcomed me. My boss is a good, honorable man, I’m proud to be working for him and his family. I am learning a whole lot of things and every day, we get to help people and that’s the best part of my job. 🙂

Okay, now I really have to pee, Ta!


One thought on “She Turned Her Can’ts Into Cans

  1. hi Krissy! another aliw entry! haha sorry but yeah mas favorite ni baby and voice ni daddy especially after nya lumabas. I’ve read that babies recognize their dad’s voice easier than their mom’s once their out of our tummies na. Kasi yung boses daw nating mommies nagbabago sa pandinig ni baby. There’s this effect na our voices sounded different habang nasa loob siya dahil they hear us from the ‘inside” (you and the baby inside one body). Unlike voice ni dad w/c the baby hears always coming from the ‘outside’. (magulo ata explaination ko haha) GOD BLESS you and the whole family bunch! hugs!

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