we got ourselves a mini-Mark!

Perinatologist 1: Is that a hamburger I see? Perinatologist 2: I’m not sure, (to me) your baby is conservative! Perinatologist 1: As how a little princess should be! Perinatologist 2: For now, we can say that your baby is a girl, but we’ll check again later. She’s very shy. (After an hour of quiet scanning, […]

She Turned Her Can’ts Into Cans

Things I Cannot Do Anymore: 1. Get out of bed easily without help. 2. Tie my shoelaces. 3. Touch my toes. Or paint my toenails. Or clip them. 4. Lie on my tummy. 5. Pick up an object I dropped. 6. Look for clothes placed on the bottom of my closet. 7. Give Juno and […]