Blame it on the hormones

Warning: this isn’t a cute post. It’s a post that contains things that annoy me – random little every day things that I keep noticing because I have nothing to do at home except get bigger and take care of our sweet doggies. So stop reading here now. If you still want to read, please keep in mind that I’m a hater and you should feel sorry for poor uneducated me. Oh, gosh darn it, (I’m avoiding cuss words, the baby can already hear) – that word sets me off.

On to the list –

1. The word ‘hater’
I mean, come on. It’s like the new hipster. Give it a rest, people. It’s a free country. If someone doesn’t like what you are religiously and fanatically obsessed with, so be it. Move on.

2. Hashtags
It has forever ruined the pound sign for me. I know it has a purpose, #but #put #it #on #everything #really?! I don’t even know if most of the people who use it actually know what it is for. Or that’s just me hatin’ (yes, this will be a recurring thing)

3. “Good samaritans”
I saw this post on FB about a lost mobile phone in a cab and the driver wouldn’t cooperate and how someone had helped the poor victim do everything to regain the item. This is common these days – if someone did something wrong or if someone did something good, you may easily take a photo or a video of it and everyone with access to the internet will know about it. Now that’s a whole other topic, but this post was different because the good samaritan this person postedabout was himself. He went on and on about all the things he graciously did – I don’t even have the energy to explain why this… Yeck.

4. People who post selfies that have obviously been totally adjusted and then put a hashtag that says – no filter or just woke up or no make up or I’m so ugly here or what have you. There’s this photo app called Beaute2 or picture editor or something like it that kind of works like Photoshop, except itfocuses on softening the features or blurring the photo or something -basta, it removes the blemishes and the photo becomes really bright and somehow blurred. Please don’t treat us as idiots, your face is barely recognisable in that photo because it’s too darn blurred.

Sorry, I know us plebeians won’t know you’re wearing something unreasonably expensive from (insert signature brand here) unless we look at the tag inside your top (or if it’s by Abercrombie and Fitch, then we’ll definitely see it plastered on your shirt) so what better way to let us know how much you’re worth today by itemising your clothes and posting all the brands (with hashtag, of course!) along with it? I used to think that only happens when you’re approached by a magazine or a host of a TV programme or something and they go, “What are you wearing?” Or you’re a socialite or a celebrity who is sponsored to wear certain brands – but nope. Apparently, we should be very honored to witness your ‘Outift Of The Day’ and the brand – even if we can’t pronounce any of it. Or maybe I’m bitter because I don’t have anywhere to go to that requires an outfit? Haha. If you’re interested, I’m wearing my husband’s boxers, a ratty tank top that barely covers my tummy and my fluffy hello kitty bedroom slippers.

6. Duck face or pouty face or the opposite of duck face where you make your face round and poofy or all the other korean poses or whatever the heck those are. You’re super duper totally ridiculously cute. Like an anime character. Or a Koreanovela actress. Or you just smile like that all the time because it’s the way you were born. We get it.

7. Liking your own post. Um. Maybe accidentally?

I have other things I hate on (cos I’m a hater, yeah) but I’m sleepy now and the husband wants his iPad back so he can play Candy Crush and read Cracked.

Maybe next time. As they say: haters gonna hate. šŸ˜€


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