How’s your tummy, Mommy?

18 weeks! I love being pregnant. My husband is obviously also enjoying my pregnancy – he has even shared the good news with the owners of the store where we get our dog food from! Haha – and my growing belly is the first thing he greets when he comes home and the last thing he kisses before he goes to sleep. I haven’t had any difficulties in my pregnancy so far, aside from the sleepiness, occasional nausea (now no more) and that I’m always hungry (ALWAYS ALWAYS).  Around a few days into my 16th week, I started feeling bubble-like pops/fishy swimming inside my tummy and I thought it was different from gas. Turns out, it was the little one doing ballet/karate chops inside! 🙂 Now the movements have gotten stronger and once, Mark was able to feel it. He was so surprised and got crazy nervous while he was trying to feel the baby move again. He hasn’t and has since accused us of being madamot. :-p Another one of the best feelings. EVER. The kicking, not the damot. I can’t wait for the time when the baby will be waking us up with the kicks and the movement, I would probably ask for it again and again and again. 🙂 I don’t care, a kicking baby is waaaay better than a still one.  We hear the heartbeat again – like a train and since Mark recorded it, we would sometimes (okay, often) listen to it. My siblings have heard it more than they want to and we will make my in-laws’ ears bleed next. 😀 I should probably turn it into a ringtone or something… (I’ve become one of those annoying parents! (to-be))


Another thing I’m looking forward to – finding if our panda is a boy or a girl, then the real fun would start. My brother keeps bugging me about the name and I keep saying I still don’t know and no, it won’t be Carlo! Today, I told him we’re naming the baby Lebron – be it a girl or a boy. That pissed him off . Ha. When I said, “Okay, what about Dwyane?” then my dad got in on the grumbling. 😀 Now, if you know me, you know I’m just sarcastic 90% of the time. Fear not, I haven’t completely lost my marbles – even if I have been basically lounging around the past couple of months, sleeping with the dogs on the couch.

Which reminds me, there was this time I heard Mark on the phone for work and he was speaking about 500 words a minute (not accurate syempre, basta really fast) and he was fluent and flawless and I don’t remember ever being so amazed by his comm skills until then. Now don’t get me wrong, my husband’s one of the smartest people I know.  Unlike me though, he loves and knows his Filipino very well, so unless it’s for work or if he’s pissed, he won’t use English.  I was like, “Whoaaaa, English! Me don’t speak that. So. Hot. When did you? How did you?” and he was like, “Ha?” and then umutot. Hahahaha! Fart aside, the point is – I can’t do that anymore. I’m so used to spending most of my days with the doggies and our verbal conversations are almost always one-sided (Juno, finish your food please! Frodo, don’t pee there, kakalinis ko lang! Mikko, do you want to sleep beside ate? Tasha, No bite! NO BITE!) and whatever I say, I think I impress them with my communication skills cos I always get hefty kisses and licks.


But the dog days might be over, (yeah, tag-ulan na) I recently received some huge news that may just be the answer to my prayers. I have been thinking of what I would want to do after I give birth. At this point, I don’t think I want to go back to the BPO industry and I have been praying for guidance. Mark said that if I want to continue staying home and working part-time, that’s fine.  But I know that if I want to be able to give our child everything he or she would ever want (and not just need) then I would still need to do something full-time. So I was given an offer and I start learning the ropes later this year, but they’d wait for me to start January next year, after I give birth. We feel very blessed. 🙂 In the meantime, I will still maintain my online job and make the most of my down time.

I’ve witnessed a lot of things happen this week that made me question my faith in the goodness of people, but at the same time, it also made me see how awesome some people can be in the face of wrongdoings. I’m not sure if I feel confident enough to raise a child well in a world such as ours. A couple of days ago, I burst into tears, confiding my worries to my husband who, of course, made more sense than a woman who was overflowing with hormones. I pray that our child would grow up to be a good person whose faith is strong and whose values are unwavering. Our parents made it look so easy and I don’t even know where to start.

Anyway, I’m sure we can take it a day at a time (experiment! Haha) and I am also sure (and very thankful) that our families will also be around to help us be good parents. Our families are both so amazing. 🙂 I know I’ve already said this, but we are very blessed. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “How’s your tummy, Mommy?

  1. nakakaaliw ang entry na to Krissy! Before I gave birth, I also wanted to get back to work to give my daughter everything she would need (and want na rin) but as I spent days, weeks and months with her, I’ve decided to just be a stay-home momma =) Nagwwork pa rin ako as an online tutor and I used to work 5 hours a day/6 days a week pero recently, napansin ko na she needs more time from me since interested na sya in so many things (i’m palnning to homeschool her sana kung kaya ng powers ko hihi) We don’t have a yaya for her so 2 hours na lang ako magturo ngayon. She’s growing up too fast and i don’t wanna miss a thing lalo na ngayon sobrang daldal na nya =) (even her 1 week vacation in my parent’s house makes me feel that i’m missing a lot of her milestones hehe) Pero rainy days like these make me appreciate being a stay-home mom. I don’t have to wake up early for work, get stuck in traffic, soak myself sa baha and all ( tho i miss dressing up hehe.) Pati comm skills ko got affected (i that’s the right term) Since it’s always me and Cara at home, it’s always like, “you want to eat rice?, finish your food first then will go to 7-11, tell mommy if you want to wiwi or pupu, is it itchy?, blah blah” haha pero I enjoy the simplicity of our daily conversations naman.

    Krissy, I pray that you’ll have a safe and healthy pregnancy till your panda says “hello world!” Oh pregnant days are such happy days! I actually miss the movements inside my tummy ( but that doesn’t mean I would like to have a new one kicking inside my ummy any time soon haha) Pag mas lumaki na yan, Mark doesn’t have to put his hands over your tummy to feel the kicking because he could see it na from the outside! as in your shirt would look as if it has a life of its own kasi it would crumple here and there because of your active baby! When your’e on your 30th week, the baby might not move as much kasi he’s already big and the space won’t be enough for him to do his stunts. =) Krissy, sobrang haba na ng musings of the missus’ friend haha take care and rest well! GOD BLESS your family!

  2. Cindy! Thanks for the reassurances. Kakainggit naman, if I had the luxury of being a full time mom, I wouldn’t hesitate either! 🙂 thank you for your prayers and I also fervently pray that everything will be okay and that the baby will be healthy. Sundan nyo na! 🙂

  3. agad-agad?? kung may tagapag-alaga sana ok lang masundan agad para isang oplan: balik-alindog na lng!and besides, our apartment has no more space for another baby’s stuff! gamit pa lang ni Cara, masikip na kami haha so papatayo muna kami ng sarili naming bahay (bukas na at gabi na) haha

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