A Panda Disguised as a Bean


Do you see the teeny Panda? 🙂 He’s disguising himself as a blurry bean for the moment. The video Mark took shows the heartbeat and, I swear, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I sent kuya the video and they all looked at it together during dinner. My mom called me up and was all, “Nakita na namin sya! We saw the heartbeat of the cutie chubby baby! So happy! Lola na talaga ako huhuhu hahahaha…” hahahaha! I am so happy that the little one is there, looking healthy with his 144 BPM heart rate. Mark and I talk to our baby everyday, I mainly ask the little one to go all the way with me, full term, no complications and just be healthy. I tell him we love him very much. Sometimes when Mark says “Hello! I love you!” while patting my belly, I say hello back, but he goes, “Sya!” :-p

Anyway, I had my tests done today at Hi-Precision Diagnostics, the branch in Pasig. We got there around the time it opened (7am) and the everyone there moved quickly, the patients were assigned numbers and you had to wait for your number to be flashed on the screen for forms, payment, blood extraction and whatever steps you needed to take. They took 3 or 4 vials of blood from me for my cbc, blood typing, hbsag, rubella igG, hba1c, etc etc. I was asked to pee in a cup as well and then I waited for my name to be called for the ultrasound. The sonologist was very nice and extremely helpful. She answered our questions, gave Mark the best angles of our Panda so he could take photos and a video. After the tests, one of the staff members gave me directions on how to see my results online. This is the first time I’ve encountered a laboratory that posts complete results online on the same day. I already saw mine, and I’m happy to report that I do not have syphilis. :-p yay me. Hahahaha.

Tomorrow, we’ll pick up the actual results and then we’ll go see my OB at TMC. I hope everything goes well and then I can eat at Mister Kabab after. Erm. Or the Bagnet place sa Metrowalk. Mmmm.

Speaking of sudden wants, I don’t think I’m experiencing the usual pregnancy symptoms other expecting moms are. My nose gets stuffy at night. I don’t vomit (I dared myself never to vomit in the entire 40 weeks) and my nausea doesn’t last long. I get sleepy in the afternoons and distractingly weak, but I don’t sleep as well at night as I used to. I am always parched, my skin feels dry and my lips are chapped- they look like I played with someone’s lipstick. I sweat and sweat and sweat, but sometimes at night, I get chills. I don’t crave for anything, I’m always hungry but I can’t finish my usual serving of rice or whatever I’m eating. The things that haven’t changed- still sore boobs and peeing constantly.

Like right now I can’t finish this post because I’m hungry again and really sleepy. And badly needing to pee.

Last look before I conk out-


God is so good!


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