M + K + 1!


I remember getting cramps two Fridays ago and thinking, oh my period is coming. When the cramps continued on the following week I was supposed to get my period, I wore a pad on the way to work, but I got nothing. My right breast felt so sore so I really expected a period. After 4 days and still no Aunt Flow, I decided to get a pregnancy test kit. After I peed and did the process, a line came out and I remember looking away, thinking, well, next time then. I put the boxes and tissues in the trash and when I came back to get my stick, it had two lines! I ran up the stairs (no running for pregnant women!) and woke Mark, waved the test in front of him and once he was able to process that the squealing wasn’t me being attacked by a pack of hyenas, he got really excited. I wanted to make sure so I proceeded to get another test that day. And went to an OB-Gyn at Borough. And got another test the following day. And another. I’m proud of my collection of pee sticks. Ha.

We told our families and they were so happy as well. This will be the first grandchild for both sides and I know our parents have been waiting for an apo since last year.

So anyway, being paranoid, I went to an OB-Gyn at the Borough (in Eastwood) the day I got my positive test. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get any false positives. I felt stupid waving my tests at her (my precioussssss) but she gladly confirmed that the pregnancy is real. She proceeded to compute my due date (November 16) and how far along I was (4 weeks, 6 days), gave me a prescription for folic acid (Folicard) and scheduled my ultrasound (April, 1st week) and I went off feeling really giddy.

I don’t have much of the symptoms yet. My breasts are now both sore, but I barely notice the pain, I mean, I barely notoce my breasts anyway haha. I feel sleepy in the afternoon, but it isn’t so bad. The cramps aren’t everyday now, and I feel nauseous only in the morning and it takes me a bit of time to get up. I know I’m still in the early stages so it could still get worse. I’ve been reading a lot of things online and I can’t help but think of miscarriages. Lacking symptoms, I feel even more paranoid, constantly wondering if our baby’s still in here. People keep telling me to relax, I’m sure I should, but I can’t.

Today we went to the OB-Gyn we decided on- Dr. Rowena Rivera. She’s also my mom’s doctor and she’s the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Medical City, so if anyone could ease my parnoia, it’d be her. I initially wanted to go to her once I’m done with the ultrasound because I know she’ll basically say the same thing at this point in my pregnancy, but I was also half hoping she’d recommend an ultrasound now so we can see my baby. Mark also wanted to join the consultation, so I thought, let’s go visit her then. She gave me the same details (I will be 6 weeks along on Saturday, yes, ultrasound will be done in April) but she also gave me a lot more tests I had to take- CBC, Urinalysis, Rubella, antibodies, even for STDs! etc etc. We’ll do it over the weekend or before the holy week. She also comforted my fears and prescribed a progesterone capsule that I should take once I experience spotting. She wanted to make sure I would have access to pampakapit over the holy week, just in case she wouldn’t be around when I call. I hope I won’t need that. My achi Kate, who is an excellent nurse, also told me that progesterone should be good for the baby and that I shouldn’t worry unless I feel horrible cramps and I start to bleed. I felt better after those two conversations.

I’m supposed to gain only 24lbs the whole course of the pregnancy, so that’s 2lbs/month. I’m at 119lbs now, (a far cry from my staple 98-100lbs huhuhuhu) but she said that’s healthy. I’ve body mass of 21, I don’t know what that means. I’m not really supposed to gain any weight now, my baby’s the size of an apple seed. Eeee! So cute. Haha.

She showed us this meal wheely thing for the type of food recommended for pregnant women. Mark liked it so much he almost asked for it, but the good doctor said she got it in the US, so he settled for a photo. :-p


Now we just have to wait 2 more weeks before we can see our baby. The panda will have a heartbeat by then! And a brain, little legs, little hands and little feet and a really big head… I’m not sure I can wait that long without going crazy anxious. Doc said, “the baby will be there, don’t worry.” I will try. Really hard. I was supposed to go to work after, we finished around noon. But after Mark got me my strawberries and cream drink at Starbucks, (I’ve been craving for strawberry milk tea, everyday Chatime) he drove me straight home, said I should stay in bed and eat, that he will buy the meds today as well. I think he’s also worried but he’s trying not to show me. Or else, we’d both go bonkers waiting.

Unfortunately, we can’t join our friends’ Baler trip this holy week. The doctor didn’t allow it. I’m kind of glad now that I only have a week left at work. I can focus on staying pregnant and making preparations. I hope this last week won’t stress me out. :-p


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