We’ve become rather irresponsible and sluggish lately. I could make a list of things we haven’t done this week off the top of my head:

1. Take out the trash from our bedroom and the bathroom.
2. Order water.
3. Pay the cable bill done!
3. Mop the floor
4. Vacuum the sofa
5. Arrange our shoe cupboard (madness in there, I tell you)
6. Laundry baskets are getting full
7. Take our coffeemaker out of the box and use it.
8. Remove our presents from Christmas out of their wrappers and place them where they belong
9. Take Pepe to the car wash.
10. Place the Ambi Pur with the refill (just sitting beside the router)
11. Cut my toenails
12. Get a haircut
13. Get a wa–

Oh gosh, I could list more but then I realized how embarrassing this has become.

This weekend we were reminded by our loving wedding photogs that we still haven’t picked photos for our wedding album. I AM SO ASHAMED. And they went ahead and picked the best ones for us because they’re wonderful human beings and I am forgetful slob. The layout was pretty and I only had to make a few notes, but it was basically done. And if they waited for me to take action, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything for a year just because I keep forgetting. Boo me.

So there’s my shaming for the day.


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