relationship gut/love pounds

Remember that HIMYM episode where Barney got fat because he was already in a committed relationship with Robin and therefore let himself go? I know, I know, enough with the fat talk. I’ve never been on a diet my whole life and I never really cared about my weight, if anything, I often worried about […]


We’ve become rather irresponsible and sluggish lately. I could make a list of things we haven’t done this week off the top of my head: 1. Take out the trash from our bedroom and the bathroom. 2. Order water. 3. Pay the cable bill done! 3. Mop the floor 4. Vacuum the sofa 5. Arrange […]

Things to do in 2013

1. Lose weight!!! I have never, NEVER been conscious of my weight or about fitness or anything like that. I get check-ups every year and aside from my 200/250 vision, my huge tonsils and my lack of coordination, I’ve been pretty much satisfied with who or how I am. I practice yoga (but now not […]