Last night we saw Pitch Perfect and I was surprised. I expected it to be like Glee except funnier and you’d actually want to watch the whole thing, but I didn’t think Mark would enjoy it as well. He was in tears every time Rebel Wilson would say something funny with her deadpan expression. :-p we will definitely buy a DVD of that movie.

I haven’t been up-to-date on my reading since I’ve been doing other things. Well, to be quite truthful, I have been engrossed with my new phone and Mark’s new iPad to get some of my usual boring hobbies done. We’ve both been downloading apps and exploring our new toys once we get home. We have been extravagant and I feel a bit queasy spending money before a trip, but my phone has that huge LCD crack that grows bigger everyday and we sold the first gen iPad, plus I was supposed to buy an iPhone in HK, so I guess our purchases are justified.

Okay. So the 3rd gen iPad is just right, it is definitely sulit. But I wasn’t supposed to get an S3, it wasn’t part of the plan. I wanted the S2 (which is about 10 grand cheaper) but it was no longer available. When I asked Mark, he said to go ahead and get the S3, so here we are. I kind of feel guilty about buying a phone that’s already worth 3 months’ rent, one that I’ve already scratched because it keeps slipping off my hand. I kind of feel ashamed every time I look at my phone. Like it is a proof of my selfishness and low EQ- that I had to have a phone the same day I thought of wanting one and how Mark is all, “if you want it, then go ahead” – it makes me want to hide under a rock. The phone is gorgeous, by the way.

Oh, I’ve also had this sudden urge to make friendship bracelets. YES. I’m back to the 90s. Yella and Bags have started doing the same thing as well ha ha ha.

I also have a garbage bag full of wine corks and I intend to make DIY boards out of those. If they turn out pretty, I’d make some of the Christmas gifts myself. I know after the wedding I swore no more DIY, but a girl and her crafts cannot be parted easily. At least now I don’t have a deadline. I tried making T-shirt bracelets too, and Mark helped out. He was even better at it that I was. So cute, my husband.

Hehe. I’ve also been having a bit of fun with – online classes about all sorts of stuff for free. But there are also exams and things to read, kind of like a real class. šŸ™‚


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