Mark and I love watching movies. Our first (pseudo) date was at the movies, we spend most of our weekends at home in front of the tube and the pc is almost entirely dedicated to downloading old films and scary flicks. We even end up fighting about movies that end in tears and screams (Star Wars 1-3 versus 4-6, guess which side I’m on) too.

We saw two new movies this week- Dredd and Ruby Sparks.

Dredd was, obviously, Mark’s idea. A dystopic movie wherein outside the walls of America lies a huge wasteland, people live in mega blocks and the police act as judge, jury and executioner, sure why not? I don’t know if it was a remake or from a comic book or something but surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Its one of those movies which are meant to be seen in 3D (like Avatar or Resident Evil) otherwise it won’t be as much fun. Its super action-packed with lots of explosions, blood, and men with extra pouty lips and throaty voices, not to mention they loved using the slow-motion effect. Of course, the whole two judges (one a mutant rookie) outwitting and outliving a group of gang members with tons of firepower is kind of… impossible. But its an action movie. In 3D. Testosteroney. It doesn’t even have to make sense.

Ruby Sparks, on the other hand, was my suggestion. I wasn’t really sure at first if I wanted to see it because I haven’t read any reviews and I thought the concept of a writer giving life to the girl he wrote about was kind of cheesy. But I thought, how would it end? So we watched the movie and found out. The story is really more about Calvin, the writer, than his creation, Ruby. The movie was witty, it was charming with an edge, it makes you think if there is such a thing as an acceptable amount of control in a relationship and it had that 500 Days of Summer kind of whimsy (the fashion, the indie vibe) but I didn’t feel satisfied. I can’t point out anything specific that was wrong about it, it was more of an “Oh.” than an “Awww.” or an “Oh!” or even an “Oh?” It was a sweet and funny movie, nevertheless.


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