Why do the expensive shoes always hurt more often than the cheaper ones? I don’t wear heels so maybe I’ve no right to complain, but I wore my pretty Jessica Simpson flats today and I remember why I don’t wear them (along with the TB Thora and my Coach sneakers) often. But the ones I have from Janilyn or Cotton On are more comfortable.

Anyway, I saw a pair of pretty sandals at Payless, and this IS a treat- Payless always disappoints me with their selection, urgh- but they cost more than I’m willing to shell out for the style. Its this cute Pocahontas-y flat sandals with fringe. Mark says he’ll get it for me if I want it, but there are already running shoes the same price as the sandals sooooo I’ll have to think about it first.

If I had to choose between bags and shoes, I’d pick bags. I’m not really a shoe person so a thousand peso pair for me already costs a lot. I’m more of a chucks/tsinelas kind of gal so I don’t mind scuffs or signs of wear. Scuffing on my bags, now that’s a different story.

I recently bought a couple of pairs from an online seller who designs and manufactures their own shoes. They’re based in Davao and I found out about them from Bagsie.

There’s my first pair of animal print flats! Actually, there’s my first animal print anything! I am not sure if you can make me wear or carry anything else with that kind of print. I’m just very boring.


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