If you could go back to high school, kind of a do-over, would you? When Mark had an alumni homecoming at UPIS, he was so excited. He wanted to bring me along and show me where he spent his childhood to teenage years, with the people he considered closer to him than his siblings. For […]


I don’t understand why people keep complimenting me on my excellent eyeliner-applying skills when I have no idea what they’re talking about. The only products of make-up I own are my Maybelline Compact refill, Benefit Posie Tint and Body Shop Born Lippy. And I wear the first two every other day, otherwise I’d break out. […]


Mark and I love watching movies. Our first (pseudo) date was at the movies, we spend most of our weekends at home in front of the tube and the pc is almost entirely dedicated to downloading old films and scary flicks. We even end up fighting about movies that end in tears and screams (Star […]


Why do the expensive shoes always hurt more often than the cheaper ones? I don’t wear heels so maybe I’ve no right to complain, but I wore my pretty Jessica Simpson flats today and I remember why I don’t wear them (along with the TB Thora and my Coach sneakers) often. But the ones I […]


So it has come to this. I simply can’t get enough of myself that I have resorted to writing silly, self-indulgent and repetitive random posts again. I am not one of those professional bloggers, so forgive my erratic writing. I have been keeping journals since I was 5 years old. When I was 10 years […]