Bieber Fever

You know you married a sweet guy when he checks the TV guide and promptly informs you to watch HBO at 6:30pm, then sits with you while you watch (surprise!) Never Say Never even if he hates that Bieber person and rubs your tummy because you’re having menstrual cramps.

Disclaimer: I like Justin Bieber, okay? My friends classify the kind of music I like as Indie (or Mindie, if you feel you’re totally above it all and so hardcore) and they immediately think of Zooey Deschanel as my peg, for the quirk and the klutz and the clothes, not the doe-eyes and the pretty ha and they often accuse me of overwhelming sarcasm and acid humor.
-But I do like Justin Bieber. And Miley Cyrus, if we’re making confessions here. And yes, you will find a couple of their songs on my playlist somewhere amid my DCFC, Thom Yorke, Weezer, She & Him and what other mindie bands you’d think of. I respect their talent, hard work and strategy, is all. Plus, I have to agree with Miley Cyrus- when they’re playing my song, I know I’m gonna be okay, the butterflies fly away, and I’m nodding my head like, yeah… Or… something. :-p Basta, I like the Biebs and the hair. I think he and Selena Gomez look absolutely adorbs.

Anyway, we went ape-shit at Shopwise (we now have a Shopwise card, how mature!) :-p Mark became obsessed with toilet paper, comparing plys and rolls, I think he changed his choice 5 times. By then I was already done with the meats, veggies and condiments. I even got a couple of Snickers free taste bars, and he was still there, in the middle of the tissue aisle, surrounded with toilet paper.

When we got home, Mark made fridge cake. I made him put peaches and he started working on it while I made Cajun Cream Dory for dinner. I forgot to take photos of the fish, but it’s basically swathed in paprika, cumin, pepper, oregano, coriander and salt. It was… salty. FAIL. And it looked so yummy pa naman. The fish was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, tapos it was a bit spicy, but then OMG the evil salt. Good thing I made soup as well, so that helped push the food down. But afterwards, we fed our left over fish to the neighbor’s cat. Sayang :-/

His cake, on the other hand, was soooo sweet and sarap. I am a huge fan of peaches. I wanted to put mangoes, too, but he said it was too much. Meh. So while I was chomping on his cake, I mixed mangoes and the natirang peaches in the peach syrup. Sarap. I think I had 3 mangoes and 4 peach halves, on top of the peaches from the cake pa.

(Here’s the obligatory shot of Mark’s Fridge Cake)

I also marinated liempo for grilling and had watermelon for dessert. Then baked Chicken Rosemary with Potatoes for dinner, that was Mark’s favorite. He went, gawin mo ‘to ulit! I wasn’t able to take a photo of the cooked chicken kasi he already started nom-nom-ing. :-p

(Chicken and Potatoes before cooking)

(Err… after…)

(Liempo and watermelon yummy)

Suffice to say, we had a full weekend. 🙂 Full of mantika and taba! ;-p I’m sorry I’m making Mark chubby, he plays basketball twice a week naman eh and we run with our boys every weekend. And once he buys me shoes, we’ll go walking or running (YEAH, RIIIIIGHT! I don’t run unless Juno drags me) naman.

And the best part is, the cable guy finally came!!! Yay. Hahahaha, we are very babaw like that. We immediately watched History Channel and Bio for the episodes we missed, then the electric wire on the other side of our street was suddenly burning and I couldn’t enjoy my cable anymore! We reported them to the guardhouse, who in turn, called Meralco. I waited and waited for Meralco to come but they never did! I don’t know if they even came, I couldn’t see if it is still on fire this morning because it was too bright to check. I tweeted them and they never replied. BOO. I hope its already fixed when I get home. :-/

Now if only PLDT would finally show up with my DSL, I’d be very happy. It’s so hard to check your mail, open documents and most especially, read memes on your phone :-p. Even harder to get a decent signal from Globe in the first place :-/ my data plan costs an arm and it is worth shit. I can’t wait for December when my contract with Globe ends… So I can renew it and continue to be their slave. Forevarr.


OMO! Our wedding was also featured on! I remember Mar of MyPhotato sent me a message asking me to say a few things about our wedding, I did so while we were at Uncle Moe’s (drinking, haha) and then I forgot all about it until today. 🙂 what a pleasant Monday surprise.

I loved preparing for our wedding, and making DIYs and making pretty things. And I also am sooooo grateful and amazed that a lot of people appreciate the concept we had and the effort we put into making everything a reality. I got everything I wanted, I had my dream wedding, Mark made sure of that. 🙂

I thought I would be sad once I’m no longer the bride and just a plain missus. But in fact, I love it more. I love being married and waking up tangled with another person, complete with the funky breath. I love scrubbing the floor and burning oil and pork and then freaking our afterwards. I love looking for missing sock pairs and then scolding Mark for losing the remote control. I love fighting and I love making up afterwards. I love grocery-shopping and whining about how expensive our list is. I love being married to Mark and staying on on lazy hot Sundays, in front of the TV. I LOVE IT, being married is so much better than getting married. 😀


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