The Almost-Angry Post

I hate commuting. No, this isn’t one of those pa-sosyal, pretentious sentiments. I do it, I’m used to it, but I hate it. It’s better now since Mark brings me to work most days. But Pepe (real name- Jose) can’t go out Thursdays as his plate number ends in 7. Going home isn’t a problem as I hitch a ride with my mom’s driver. But If I had a bike and the stamina to do it, I’d cycle to work. It’s environment-friendly and economical- plus it doesn’t require me to interact with other people. But no, sadly, I’m a weakling too afraid to make sabayan with all the cars and tricycles and pedicabs. Oh and the pedestrians, too. Anyway, the hassles of commuting-

1. The weather. Its either too hot or too wet. Too hot and you find your clothes soaked in sweat, your skin 2 shades darker, your face covered in smoke and dust and your mood sour because they’re digging holes for whatever pipes Manila Water needs installed for the nth time and the traffic’s gone amok. If it is raining, you’ll find your satin flats drenched in water, while nakikipagsapalaran to hail a cab or find a jeepney you can squeeze yourself into. Once you find a ride, prepare to be stuck in minutes, sometimes hours, of inexplicable traffic jam. Umulan kasi, sabay shrug.

2. Your fellow commuters. You’d think they’d be a bit more corteous given that you’re all in it together (insert High School Musical montage here), but noooooooo. Nooooo.

2a. Some people sit in Jeepneys like its their mother-effin sofa, like they’ve never sat down their entire life, or parang wala silang bintana sa bahay nila the way they sit diagonally and rest their arm on the window pane and stick their head out. And that’s fine if there are around 10 people inside, but when there are already people with only half their butts sitting, I think a little conscience or awareness would do the trick. I don’t care if you’re required to wear a short skirt to work. Bring a jacket, bring a bag, I’m sure that when you’re sitting upright with your legs squeezed together, we won’t have the (dis)pleasure of seeing your vajayjay.

2b. Bags don’t need to sit down. Unless you paid for that extra seat, your bag/purse/lunch box/paper bag rests on your lap or on your feet. Please don’t wait for the last second that a person is already crouched inside the jeepney, while it is speeding, frantically searching for a place to sit, while your precious lunch bag is comfortably sitting beside you.

2c. It is not your fellow commuters obligation to make sure your payment gets to the driver. It is common courtesy, yes. It is something you’d do for others as they’d do for you, so it is only polite to say “thank you” and “please” (salamat/paki/pasuyo/what have you). These words are free. They won’t cost you anything, they won’t take up your precious time and energy. And if you can’t bring yourself to say these words, please don’t shove your barya in front of people’s faces, not say anything and wait for them to reach out to you. Oh, and one more thing- if there are only two people inside the jeepney, and you’re both seated at the far end of the driver, please don’t hand your payment to the other person and wait for them to hobble over to the driver’s end just to hand your payment if you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a VERY NASTY look.

3. Drivers and giving change. I’ve come to accept the fact that most of them drive like mad and stop when they’re not supposed to and don’t stop when you ask them to. I used to not mind getting change. I give P10 and if I don’t receive my change, I stay mum and forget it. But Mark told me something and it stuck.

He said, 1. A peso is still money, if you don’t have a peso, then you won’t have 10 pesos and so on. (I’ve heard this one before so I was, like, meh) and 2. if they don’t give you your money back, they are taking what isn’t theirs. That’s stealing. Bobo man ang labas, I was struck with the second one, kasi I never thought of it that way. And I have low tolerance for people who take what (or who- uyyy!) isn’t theirs.

So ngayon, I always give the exact fare amount. Or if I don’t have it, and they refuse to hand me my change, I’d be like, “MANONG, yung fifty cents ko po.” Side note: I’m now known in our house as the one who hoards all the coins. When I was still living at home, my mom has set aside a purse, which she stocks with coins for me and I just grab some every morning before going to work. In our new home, Mark has also set aside a box with coins for my fare. Mwahahaha. 😀

4. Mga Magna(nakaw). Nakakatakot.

ANYWAY, enough hating—

I cooked Binagoongang Baboy last night. I used the real bagoong they sell along with veggies and I also added fried talong. What I thought of the bagoong: WTF? There were little fishies and stones. And some more… things. I had to wash it for 10 minutes and to be fair, there weren’t so many things there, it was just there were so many kinds. And I couldn’t help but dig for more. :-p

I also added a bit of coconut milk (just because I wanted to) and sliced green pepper. I fried the pork first before adding all the icky stuff.

Here’s the obligatory Instagram-ish shot I took:

I also sliced mangoes and put them in the freezer while waiting for Mark to arrive from work.

and of course dapat may Instagram din yun mangga-

Mark said it was delicious, so yun ulit lunch nya today. :-p Hehehehe, I said, are you sure? He said, yes so I immediately whipped out his Pyrex baunans before he could change his mind. My mom said that Mark’s gaining weight and so am I. Sabi ko kay mommy, “Sarap ko kasi magluto eh!” and then my mom snorted. (can you imagine her snorting?) She is not a huge fan of cooking. For her, cooking is synonymous to mountain climbing or being forced to use very tight underwear.

I’m surprised to find that I like cooking (or at this stage- experimenting) and I look forward to trying something new. Well, except today, I’ll have dinner at my parents’ house and then maybe just heat some Mac n’ Cheese for Mark, since he’ll be home a bit late. :-p

Bukas na lang ulit. 🙂


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