Run Forrest, Run!

They say that once you get married, you find out things about your spouse that you never even knew existed, things that would surprise you and sometimes horrify you. :-p

He has to play Xbox before going to sleep. He leaves the remote controls anywhere and gets pissed when he can’t find it. He eats Pringles like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust. I have to remind him to floss, but he showers at least thrice a day. He moves like a sloth when it comes to doing chores, but would stay up all night transforming his toys or brushing Loki’s hair or building my bricks. He cringes when giving the boys their bath not because he doesn’t love them as much as I do, but because he’s allergic to Frodo’s hair in a really awful allergy kind of way. He’s so forgetful, but he remembers the embarassing things I say (or sing).

I also already know Mark likes to hog whichever side of the bed I’m on. I sleep on the left side, so he does too. I tried sleeping on his side for a change, guess where he slept? :-p There are times I wake up and I’m already at the edge of the bed. Once, I’ve fallen off the bed. He grabbed me, and I wondered if I have to thank him for pulling me back or be mad at him for pushing me off :-p

With that said, you already know that he’s a hugger (like a sad yakap-unan, he hugs me to death then lets me fall off the bed), which is really nice and all, except not in this weather. :-p But last night I woke up around 3am and I was like, why is it cold? Lo and behold, there was no arm (and sometimes leg) wrapped around me. I was confused, I was befuddled, I was confuddled! I woke him up and yelled, why aren’t you hugging me? HUG ME! So he got startled, apologized, hugged me and we promptly went back to sleep like nothing happened.

When I woke up this morning I realized what just went down. Now I’m thinking- well, I know pretty much most of his nasty habits and I’m not that bothered. But does he know the full extent of my crAaaAAazy? :-p

I’m betting no. But this is where the “’til death do us part” comes in handy.

*evil laugh*


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