Bieber Fever

You know you married a sweet guy when he checks the TV guide and promptly informs you to watch HBO at 6:30pm, then sits with you while you watch (surprise!) Never Say Never even if he hates that Bieber person and rubs your tummy because you’re having menstrual cramps. Disclaimer: I like Justin Bieber, okay? […]

The Almost-Angry Post

I hate commuting. No, this isn’t one of those pa-sosyal, pretentious sentiments. I do it, I’m used to it, but I hate it. It’s better now since Mark brings me to work most days. But Pepe (real name- Jose) can’t go out Thursdays as his plate number ends in 7. Going home isn’t a problem […]

Run Forrest, Run!

They say that once you get married, you find out things about your spouse that you never even knew existed, things that would surprise you and sometimes horrify you. :-p He has to play Xbox before going to sleep. He leaves the remote controls anywhere and gets pissed when he can’t find it. He eats […]