I think I may have a thing for coconut milk. The other day, I was craving for ginataang gulay, which is weird because, 1. I don’t eat the veggies that are in it (string beans and pumpkin), and 2. my mom doesn’t really cook ginataan, so I don’t know how the craving came about. Anyway, I asked Mark to buy coconut milk and I proceeded to work.

Pumpkin/squash (whatever the hell is the difference?!) is hard to peel. I found myself chopping off chunks of the vegetable just to be able to get the skin off. I didn’t mind losing 40% of it, we always end up buying too much, anyway. I put green peppers, when I know I shouldn’t, but I like a bit of spice. For the food, I cleaned and fried fish (THAT… was really disgusting). Mark ate the whole thing, which made me very happy. He said it tasted good, which I agree with. Who knew kalabasa tasted good sometimes? Have you tried pumpkin pie? Horrible. And the one I ate was made by a friend who is also an excellent chef. Pie- good. Pumpkin pie- nasty. But that’s just me, I find mayonnaise yucky and ketchup stinky, so…

Last night, I bought coconut milk again and tried my hand at Bicol Express. Well, it tasted good din daw. Daw kasi I wasn’t able to try it anymore. I was done cooking around 8pm and waited for Mark to get home so we can try it together. I waited. And watched a korean drama. And dozed off. I woke up groggy and disoriented when he got home (“Nakatulog ka ba?” Ay hindi, ganito lang talaga kagulo buhok ko usually.) and I had no more appetite so I tried to go back to sleep. Have you tried going to sleep with a bunch of Japanese yelling bloody murder on the background? I had to get back up and ask Mark to turn down the audio to Battle Royale II. After all, he wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway. I slept on an empty stomach and had to endure “Akekekeke! Ayayayayaya! Eeeeee!”

Long story short- when Mark was driving me on the way to work kanina, he was all, “are you okay? Naghihilik ka kagabi eh. Masama pakiramdam mo?”

Er, hello? :-p


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